Know me

... You say when the coastline lights are waving that they shine like precious threads of pearls

[Faith - Parov Stelar]

An eclectic career

Odette Di Maio's passion for music has been growing since childhood and she started writing and playing songs with her acoustic guitar when she was 16.

Born in Naples but raised in Milan where she still lives, she began her music career in 1993 when she returned from a 9-month trip to the U.S.A. (where she also played in downtown Seattle with a local band, The Hyperlung) and joined SOON, a Milan-based pop band as lead singer and guitarist.

SOON became known in Northern Italy thanks to their unique brand of power pop and their rather intense concerts.

A record deal with Mercury/Polygram in 1995 and the release of their first album "SCINTILLE" (Sparks) in May 1996, produced by English sound engineer Anjaly Dutt (My Bloody Valentine, Sleeper, Oasis) soon followed. A long and successful tour the following year brought SOON to popularity in the alternative rock circuit and they were nominated as "discovery of the year" for the Italian Music Awards (PIM). The music videos of "Il fiume" and "Settimane" in addition to various TV appearances made the band a leader of It-pop, following the example of British alternative pop trend.

1997 saw SOON's second album release "SPIRALE" produced by Sandro Franchin and Paolo Steffan, an Italian team that allowed the band to better show their personal style and energetic approach to pop. "Abitudini", the lead single and video of the album, was promoted on TV while the best of "Spirale" was performed in live concerts all over Italy, including an opening show for Skunk Anansie in Rome in July '97 and the popular TV musical show "San Remo Giovani" in November 1997.

On tour in Sardinia in 1997, they also filmed a short movie called "Spirale", directed by Domenico Liggeri, from which the "Libera Dentro" video was extracted.

SOON, despite of the production of new material, performed in selected shows during the summer of 1999, broke up at the end of that same year.

Odette Di Maio then pursued her solo project, testing it in a demo with new songs and in "L'America di Odette", a long unplugged tour in which she performed successful classics from her favourite American artists and her new songs. In her solo tour she played with the SUPERCOMBO, Italian rockstar Piero Pelu's musicians, for a few concerts and more recently with bassist and songwriter Riky Anelli and drummer Milly Fanzaga.

Her collaborations sum up in several projects and songs over the years:

she performed in the songs "Etere" and "1940/Madre" by DEADBURGER, an alternative band from Florence.

In 2001 she sang on Italian duo BEDROOM ROCKERS on their Cd "The Tundra workshop", with the song "Nothing else matters", also soundtrack of the TV advertisement for Martini, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and soundtrack for a CSI Miami episode.

Just back from Singapore, in South East Asia, where she played in 2001 with EPIC, she started an acoustic folk-pop duo - THE MARCH - with her friend Ben Slavin, an American songwriter.  The March tour landed also on the US East Coast in October 2003 for a few gigs.

The tour ended at the famous CBGB club in New York City. Back to Italy, they played at important Rock Festival Arezzo Wave in July 2004.

After a few years Odette joined Lorenzo Bianchi for a new musical project, LORBI, in which she wrote and sung her lyrics for the beautiful downbeat songs written by Lorenzo, and whose debut album "Ring" was released worldwide in 2007 for Austrian label Etage Noir.

Shortly after she appeared on PAROV STELAR album "Seven and storm" (Etage Noir) as co-writer and singer of the track "Faith" and on PILOT JAZOU second album with "December", co-written with Ugo de Crescenzo.

She was also chosen by popular German artist SCHILLER for his double album "Atemlos" in 2010, for two songs, one of which she wrote in Italian (Un solo minuto) with great success among Schiller' fans.

MISS O is Odette's latest creature, an interesting project with Jan De Block from Brussels, made of original videos, viral marketing strategies, gifts for fans and intense and delicate songs. Visit Miss O website and listen to her songs/videos on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Their first album, called "Infection", was released on 2012, followed by an emotional EP in 2014, "Visions" and the new single "Demons" in 2019.

In May 2018 she launched her new solo album, called "Infinity pool", recorded and produced with Jan De Block and released by Addictive Noise RecordsThe first single is "Non-existence" which video was shot entirely in Ubud, Bali, followed by the single "Circle", a cover of  American artist Edie Brickell song. 

She's currently part of ensemble Mandala Voices, a group of holistic practioners who work with people in many forms to raise awareness on power of sound healing and self expression through voice.

Odette also created and hosted in 1999 a Radio show, called WEIRDO, on Milanese Rock FM with her friend from Soon, Davide Rosenholz, and collaborated on web fanzines such as FREAK OUT and Vida.

In February 2005 she was also involved in organizing a benefit concert at the important milanese rock venue Rolling Stones to raise funds for the South East Asia hit by tsunami, a region that she had visited several times.

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